Why DIY Mindsurgery

“Choice, not chance determines destiny”

What programmes do we run in our inner computer as a result of which special outcomes emerge? What is that programme like, which runs smoothly and brings the desired outcome that we label as “success”?

We have been passionately searching the algorithm of “luck” and “brilliance” as well as the mechanisms of blocks that channel the flow away. Studying the features of the various results and barriers helped us decipher the nature of them.

Every single moment we want to get something. However, most of the real reasons that make us act remain dormant, so what we can see is just the concrete action.  How do you know what programmes you run? Look around: is what you get exactly that you wanted? If not, ask yourself: “how could I get what I want the most efficient way”? What you need is a real exploration of your own models which result in that achievement.

Computer installation is an analogue to mindsurgery. You are the programmer. Only you have the key, you know the password and you have the access to this software. However, you might get stuck sometimes. Assistance might come in handy…

DIY Mindsurgery teaches you to use your failure as stepping stones to success as well as to recognise the algorithms of brilliance.

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