Stone Pavers

Character and beauty have been built in these concrete cast pavers. They’re built to last. Our special proofing makes them resistant to radiation and wheather. They can be used for building projects or landscaping. Available in a many size, colour and finish.

Opening Soon

in Brisbane, QLD Australia

When I purchased an old rundown house with overgrown garden, it was an everyday challenge for my wife to keep it tidy until our pathway was paved. Despite all my efforts my shoes picked up leaves and mud from the garden which then ended up in our living room.

I desperately needed a solution. Not only did I want to decorate the garden but also to add value to our home. For that I needed something that can resist decades of extreme UV radiation typical here in Australia and to survive the everyday traffic of family cars. The traditional concrete pathways installed everywhere in the neighborhood looked less appealing to me. I decided to build it from coloured concrete pavers that are both very strong and look great. I was visiting store after store for quality  ones but none satisfied my taste.

Then, when eventually I found the perfect pavers and installed them on our pathway they instantly showed a huge improvement – especially compared to how affordable they were. Not only were they cheaper than any other solution but also very easy to lay down. Even I could do that myself with no special tool. The best of all was that it even saved my relationship as it was a huge relief on my wife part who didn’t needto clean the house every day anymore.

Encouraged by the success I decided to share this opportunity with others. I invested my time and money to build a business and deliver quality pavers, wall cladding and other building materials to your doorstep.

We Are Opening Soon

Our first production facility has started to produce the initial sets of pavers and stone clads. As they were introduced to the market, both local and overseas developers showed remarkable interest towards our nature-inspired stones. Encouraged by the positive respond and to showcase our capabilities Villa Amigdala in Sumba has been fitted with our pavers and wall cladding.

Our goal is to supply beautiful yet affordable building materials for property developers around the globe. As an initial step, we are going to export our products to Australia. Our portfolio will provide an excellent opportunity to further enhance the interior or exterior of your development. Hold on, we are coming soon. We will keep you posted.

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