What is coaching?


Coaching is a continuous development-support, a special commitment between the coach and the coachee to be dedicated to improvement, which ensures safety for the coachee to live their own personal and business life in more prosperous ways.

What a coach does:

1, asks where you want to get to. What’s your aim? What is your dream, for which you would be willing to invest your energies in It can be really anything.

2, watches what you are doing now – and how.  Do you want to cook a superb food? Let me see, how you are cooking it. Every tiny little thing plays an important part: the ingredients, the quality and quantity of them, the sequence of cooking, the time, the pot and even the strength of the fire.

3, gives you feedback. She will face you with what you are doing, comparing with what is done by those who do succeed. A coach also spots the tiny details to be corrected or improved. E.g. You want to lead a company but you are not master of your emotions.

4, makes you explore the different routes to your goal. Lots of times we cling onto our version of reaching the aim. Are you sure, is it the only way? We might find an easier one instead.

5, helps to take the whole big one into small steps. Do you know how to eat an elephant? By bites. And how to write the  doctrine thesis? You start learning to write letters as a child.

6, maps your strong points, areas to develop and potentially available power-resources. What do you have? And what don’t you have but could easily be reached? What you think has been a failure could be a messenger: you need changes here.

7, stands by you giving emotional support and follows you with sharp attention. A couch knows: there is no failure just experience. In this environment you can really develop: as the seed in the soil, if all the parameters are optimal: amazing growth comes!

What a coach does NOT do:

1, does not give a solution. We live in the age of fast solutions: we queue up, pay and take away and it would be good to buy „ready-solution packets”. But you should NOT. Even if someone offers do not buy and do not pay for it. Especially do not do it on the price of your life!
2, does not persuade or manipulate you.  You do not have to give up anything you need. A coach will not make you what you don’t want.
3, does not judge, does not criticize you. This is a mine-free area, where you can experiment. The coach will help you with  „ecological questions” to be able to make safe steps.
4, does not take your responsibility. Trust yourself! There is no mistake that cannot be corrected. Do you say: „no, because…” or „how could it be, that…”?
5, does not tell her stories. It is relieving to hear others’ similar situations – however it might be a good means of distracting attention.
6, does not help you to find excuses. The better you are at making excuses the more urgent for you to stop. The question is: how to go on, what is that you can do – not others. 
7, does not lick your wounds – but not unsympathetic. The functions of a help mustn’t be mixed. A surgeon does not cry whe  he must operate. A friend doesn’t cut the wound. A coach’s sobriety and empathy ensures the rapid development.

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