Modes of coaching

While you choose between the modes of coaching, please, take into consideration the following points (which don’t include the whole list)


Meeting in person – Face to Face Coaching

  • For the coach it is easier to recognise a range of non-verbal responses, (e.g. body and eye movement, posture and balance)
  • Meeting in person can increase the level of trust and intimacy
  • Working in the given space with materials and physical activities can facilitate the solutions
  • Making the effort to travel to meet in person can enhance the value of the process

Fee: $250 / 60 min. (in Brisbane)


Graphic facilitated Coaching – for Visual Aid

  • A graphic coach is also involved: “more eyes can spot more things”
  • Your words appear on paper: you can see, what is happening inside
  • The drawings can be kept and used to go on working with the issue (e.g. as a homework)
  • Two coaches assisting you can make you feel an easier delivery

Fee: $ 250 + $ 150 / 60 min.


Video Calls – Skype

  • Very convenient and comfortable; easy to “get ready and start”. (and easy to learn)
  • It doesn’t cost a cent, nor you need time to get to a place
  • Non-verbal responses can be recognised
  • Being far away will not stop the scheduled sessions

Fee: $220 / 60 min.


Email contact

  • Independent of time – we don’t need to fix up the meeting
  • There is plenty of time to re-think your answer to the emerging question: there is no push time-wise: you digest at your own pace
  • While you are forming your say, the issues can be crystallized: re-reading, stopping, going back re-writing, organising the thoughts can lead to better understanding and new insights
  • The words don’t go away: the letters can be filed and revisited.

Fee: $250 / week. (weekly 2 x 1  page or 1 x 2 pages A4-sized Word-doc. letter via email)


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