Self-improvement game

Practical Applications of

The Laws of Your Inner Himalaya

Self-improvement game

based on the book by Betty Zsoldos

“Is there any matter?” – What’s wrong with you? And how did you do that? What is your recipe for that? How do you create it again and again? … You might say, this situation has happened accidentally, but, how many times should it appear again until you realise its patterns and understand its message?

You cannot rule what you are not conscious about, therefore you might feel as a helpless victim for the uncontrollable mechanisms of your subconscious. So, then what? Let’s play! Let’s play that you meet yourself accidentally. Allow yourself to feel surprise and joy instead of pain and suffer. Until now we have learnt: “no pain, no gain”.  But what if the software needs changes and the new programme can overwrite the old, rusty system? What if learning, work, life is fun, adventure and delight?

So, let’s play something cathartic and inspirational. Let’s explore new structures, views, solutions and our inner selves.

We are climbing our inner Himalayas – without efforts …  and we might learn to fly…



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