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The Laws of Your Inner Himalaya

written by Betty Zsoldos (NLP-master, Master Coach)

I hand you a set of guidelines, and I encourage you to set off on your inner path. Do not depend on others but trust your inner knowledge, wisdom and power. Old paradigms made you believe that in order for your development you need specialists. However, you know well, your own GPS is in you. Learn to use that and you will see plenty of miracles are awaiting you.

This book is not that kind which you can or should read in some days. It continuously poses you new and new questions and makes you not get satisfied with the yesterday’s answers but be more and more ready to meet your present self.

This book describes 66 laws, first in brief, then it explains in a more detailed way these paradigms. 8-10 questions are followed after each law, which must be answered for your own self. Here, it is you who decides what depth you go into. This process equals a half-to-one-year personal development training.


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