You, Andrew, have highly developed empathy to find the right questions. I felt so many times that you could step into my position and think through my head, but at the same time you recognise and uncover my blind-spots… I loved the structures, too, they were neither too rigid, nor too flexible. You tailored them precisely to my needs.

Funny though, but I felt, first in my life that the homework served me. I had been given a lot of homework, but none navigated me towards my goals as much as yours! Your straightforwardness and trust coming from your personality helped me through the different phases of the coaching process.

Yesterday when I got my salary I felt that the energetic of money had changed in me, and also had the attitude towards my job. You came and stood by me in that moment of my life when I had to make profound decisions. I am thankful to you for all your true support!

AKOS GROSZ, Coach, Rock-climber, Entrepreneur, Szekesfehervar, Hungary

Andrew, thanks so much for you help! I appreciated your soft, gentle attention, with which you were able follow my thoughts without providing direction or pressure. You understood what I was talking about and clarified what I could not see. You made me very focused your attitude made me see what is behind my issues – that was the most essential for me in this hard business-period.

MARGIT RUDNICAI, Economist, System and Family Constellation Therapist, Coach

Kőszárhegy, Hungary

Betty is a very influential mentor in my life, who is always able to overwhelm me with inspiration. She walks her journey through life in such an open-minded, chance taking manner that led her to the extremes – both in terms of joy and crisis. Her story alone is pure inspiration, but even more is she interested in yours. We couldn’t be more different, yet she’s asking the strongest questions to guide me towards myself. We both know that I’m the one who knows the answers – yet to put those answers out on the table is way more possible with Betty as your coach.


One of my favourite memories about Betty is that once I called her in the middle of a personal breakdown and relationship crisis of mine while alone on a cold, rainy evening in an unknown city of the Peruvian Andes. We started a conversation and suddenly I realized that strong beams of positive energy is flowing to me from every word of hers. I was just looking at the headphones amazed – how is this possible from 10 thousand km-s away from each other with a weak digital voice? Immediately after that conversation I had one of my most enlightened experiences and a rapid development in my attitude towards my situation at that time.


KRISTOF SIMONYI, Project Manager and Youth Worker

Europe and Peru



“Betty helped me to introduce new angles to view the events differently from my usual point. I could lean such new methods, which are highly beneficial for me both has an organizational developer and a private person. Interestingly enough she always appears in my life when I really in need.”


JUDIT FARNADY, Cice (Civilian Centre) director, organizational developer

Budapest, Hungary



Betty’s coaching is like the light illuminating the road. She is the person who asks you the simplest questions if you are stuck, which put things in a different light.
She made me understood there is no such as impossible, the answer, the solution depends only on you.

DORA MARKUS, youth-worker volunteer;

Tenerife, Canary Islands

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