Our commitment, values, standards

Our Commitment

We are…      

 a Mediator of the Transformation, and a Proclaimer of the Paradigm-shift,

the One, who Activates the Flow of the Lifeblood in this Transition

who will accompany and encourage you on your own path

to  get  you  closer  to  your  inner  self

to ensure you can safely explore

the marvels and wonders

of your own realm.

Andrew Csaszar

Business Coach

Betty  Zsoldos

NLP Master

Life Coach

DIY Mindsurgery Values - to guide our behaviours and interactions

  • Passion for finding alternative ways through self-exploration
  • Willingness to regard crises as invitations for growth
  • Faith + Dream + Guided action = Success
  • Integrity, honesty and accountability
  • Commitment to seeking the Truth
  • Belief in personal excellence


Standards of Business Conduct – to ensure ethical business practices

  • We wish to contribute to the social, economic, emotional and spiritual well-being of people by helping them realize their full potential.
  • We respect you as you are. We are in touch not to change the client but to aid to navigate them towards your excellence
  • We deeply engage in the coaching process to encourage self-development
  • We build and maintain the trust and respect of our clients and partners
  • We promote a diverse, synergistic, and creative work environment.
  • We are committed to responsible global citizenship.
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