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Andrew Csaszar – Life and Business Coach, NLP Practitioner

Andrew “I believe that you are the expert in your life and you are provided with all the tools to fulfill your  personal and professional dreams. However, I am honored to be let accompanied you on your inner  path to aid you with deciphering your inner codes, discovering, and unleashing your potentials, as well  as  make you remember your inherent creative  power. At the time of hardship I will be there to  encourage you to turn the bleak field into a flourishing and thriving area; and at the time of peaks I will  celebrate your perfection.”

 Andrew Csaszar is a Life and Business Coach who helps small to medium size engineering firms to  supercharge their business. He also supports European business owners to expand their  business interest into Australia either 

by coaching or consulting. Andrew provides professional coaching service for male victims of domestic violence. Andrew has nearly 20 years  experience in various engineering roles, mostly in large corporate  environment.  Gaining competence and skills from the ups and downs based on the early years of his  carrier he can efficiently back up business owners in their need. Andrew is fully committed to ethical and win-win solutions in business. He has a gentle probing style of coaching: he leaves people with plenty to reflect upon so that they can develop new insights and perspectives on how to resolve their issues. His quiet manner, reliable and supportive attitude ensures the success of the coaching process.


  • 2014 Certified NLP Practitioner at American Union of NLP
  • 2013 Certified Business Coach at Australian Institute of Business Coaching
  • 2013 Certified Master Life Coach at American Union of NLP
  • 2012 Certified Life Coach at American Union of NLP
  • 2012 Personal Development Trainer at Hungarian “Belsoeroforras” Group
  • 2005 Assessed by VETASSES Australia as QA Manager
  • 2000-2004 Member, Hungarian Scientific Society of Energy Economics
  • 1999-2002 Certified Energy Manager, Association of Energy Engineers, Atlanta
  • 1987-1993 Bachelor of Science, University of Technology & Economics, Budapest, Hungary


Betty Zsoldos – Master Life Coach, NLP Master-practitioner

Betty Profil 2Who are you in essence – and who is me? Who could we see when getting rid of our  masks – and how could we exist in that milieu in which you should wear this disguise as a basic  principal in order not to spoil the game… I have always been interested in the invisible part of  the tip of the iceberg: those mechanisms that work our everyday actions, behaviours,  communications and as a result of which we get “this” or “that” – “by chance”…

Being a breadwinner and a mother of 4, I have worked as an English teacher, a global  educator, a personal development trainer and a coach for 20 years. I have travelled a lot in  and outside Europe, and have come across people from a wide variety of different background,  beliefs, ideas, values, attitudes, abilities, pace, skills and intelligence, which had a huge  impact on my way of thinking. It has made me conclude that there are no ‘average persons’, nor  cut and dried recipes, or tried and tested methods, however,  certain patterns do  appear regularly. Getting more and more aware of the exclusiveness of every single situation and taking care of the individual’s special needs have led me to  understand my roles that vary from time to time to be a coach, a counsellor, a facilitator, a listener, a prompter, a tutor, etc. in order to best assist the partner reach their intended goals. Taking a closer look on the nature of barriers delaying goals, working out a better and faster way to get to the destination excited me most. This professional history of mine, my husband’s early death, the challenges of my four daughters’ upbringing and my original curiosity drove me into passionate studies of various communicational and personal developmental methods. The range is wide on the following fields: psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), System-thinking, Moving- and Dancing Therapy, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Coaching, Mediation, Human Rights, Sustainability, Development Education, Coaching and Mentoring.

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